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Where Do You Hurt? It is Time to Stop Ignoring Your Pain

  But what I have learned from experience is that you cannot heal from the pain you do not acknowledge.  I get it; you might be thinking like I was that it will just heal on its own or at least not hurt so much if you ignore it.  But it will not, and the longer you miss the signs, the worst the pain will become until it takes over every inch of your life.

I Will Say Yes to Life

I will greet each day with a smile. I will try new things. I will engage my imagination and indulge my curiosity. I will take risks and move beyond my comfort zone, I am safe, and I will not be afraid to reveal my vulnerabilities. I will stand up for my principles. I will signContinue reading “I Will Say Yes to Life”

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Courage is the most important virtue of all, because without courage you can’t practice the other virtues consistently.”

Maya Angelou